BRAZIL: The Pantanal Trail Ride.


    “PANTANAL; Latin América Horseriding Saffari”

    8 days – 7 nights – 6 days in the saddle. Brazil, Northeast.

    See exotic animals in there natural habitat in a wild and wet territory, in the largest wetlands of the world.  Visited by the lucky few, in few other places on the planet you can see as much wildlife as in the Pantanal. The Amazon may well run away with the fame and reputation, but there is no doubt, the Pantanal is the best place in South America to spot wildlife.

    The Pantanal, a pristine and almost unknown region is as good the size of half of France. It has not only the greatest biodiversity of the entire American continent but it is also a true cowboy region! Nature, wildlife, and cowboys, that are obviously the ideal ingredients for a top adventure holiday when you love riding and nature!

    The Brazilian cowboy or Pantaneiro is a living legend in his country, lives mostly of livestock and is proud of its century-old cowboy or rather Pantaneiro tradition. Along with those Pantaneiros you go on a horseback expedition in a region that has no equal.
    The Pantanal, also known as “ terra de ninguém” (no man’s land) is a lush half-open tropical territory , which annually in the rainy season (Oct to March) sets  large parts of the Pantanal under water. Water and sunshine, a dream combination for luxuriant vegetation and a wonderful habitat for the most fascinating animals of our globe.


    Day 1 : Campo Grande / MS – Fazenda Baia das Pedras / Pantanal.
    Transfer by 4×4 vehicles to the first Fazenda (or Cessna flight = optional). Landing at the front door of the fazenda. Welcome drink, room distribution and presentation of the region, general information about the Pantanal and the programme for the next days. If time allows, we will have our first ride in the afternoon. We get to know the horses and get a first impression of the Pantanal. The Pantaneiro horses are strong, well trained and very agile, local pantaneiro saddles extremely comfortable. Dinner and overnight at Fazenda Baia das Pedras.

    Day 2 : Fazenda Baia das Pedras / Pantanal.
    With its approximately 16,000 acres and 4,000 head of cattle,  Fazenda “Baia das Pedras” is a traditional farm of the Pantanal. The Fazenda is located in an immense area on the banks of the “Castelo Vazante” river, amid a lot of rich nature and wildlife. Here you can see animals like, Capivara’s, howler monkeys, crocodiles, wild pigs, peccaries, coatis, tapirs, and hundreds of birds, including toucans, Arara’s (blue, yellow and red), storks, parrots, parakeets and many more. Every day we will be about 6 hours in the saddle, divided into 2 periods (morning and afternoon). Fazenda Baia das Pedras, is a real Brazilian cattle farm. We meet with the local cowboys and their culture. Perhaps here we should just roll up our sleeves and help the cowboys to round up the cattle on horseback?

    DAY 3: Fazenda Baia das Pedras – Fazenda Primavera (6 hrs).
    After having breakfast early in the morning, we saddle the horses and ride to Estancia Primavera. Today we will spend the whole day in the saddle. We cross beautiful places of Vazante Castelo, where we observe the abundant wildlife of the Pantanal in a unique and intact landscape. Followed by an open area surrounded by native shrubs adjacent to the river bed where we will see the incredible number of birds.
    Once in a place of rest the “Retiro Sao Luis”, we find ourselves with the vehicle of support with our luggage and kitchen of campaign. We had lunch and we continued our tour in the afternoon. A true rider expedition in the wild. We arrived at the Estancia Primavera territory. Here we will stay in a camp, in a beautiful and secluded area. We will be welcome in this beautiful wooden shrubbery camp with a very good infrastructure. We will enjoy dinner and spend the night in hammocks with mosquito nets.

    DAY 4: Fazenda Baia das Pedras – Fazenda Primavera (6 hrs).
    The next morning, after breakfast, we walk to the river to observe closely. We will take pictures of alligators, capivaras and the many species of birds. We will enjoy a second coffee in the cozy camp with an impressive view of this majestic place. In the afternoon we will make a fascinating horseback excursion. We will be in the middle of nature, … only you and the outdoors. At dusk, we will take the most beautiful photos … and after dinner, we can go with a torch to the river to see the orange eyes of the crocodiles in the water. We slept for the second time in a hammock. (You’ll be surprised how comfortable it will be to sleep in a genuine Brazilian hammock!)

    Day 5 : Fazenda Primavera – Fazenda Barra Mansa.
    After breakfast at sunrise we will mount our horses and ride through the Pantanal to Fazenda Barra Mansa. From the saddle we discover how the Pantanal awakes. We notice how the landscape is changing as we get to the area of the Rio Negro. We arrive for lunch at Fazenda Barra Mansa.
    In the afternoon we go on a boat expedition on the Rio Negro, stopping at beautiful white sand beaches on the shores, where you can bathe in the river or go fishing for piranhas. (And now I hear you thinking, how can one swim where piranhas are? .. Haha .. scared?) We enjoy a delicious aperitif at the fazenda and listen to the stories of the past days. Overnight in this authentic fazenda.

    Day 6 and 7 : Fazenda Barra Mansa / Pantanal.
    Located in a very special and secluded area Fazenda Barra Mansa is considered as the most wild and unspoilt area of the Pantanal! The fazenda is situated on the banks of the Rio Negro, where it is possible to go on boat and canoe expeditions and see that way the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. Alligators, otters, capybaras, anacondas and even maybe the  jaguar are animals you can see there. In the same area we also go riding. So you discover the area in 2 different ways, from the water and on land. You be finding yourself as like in the middle of a National Geographic documenaire! Top horse riding, top River excursions, in combination with top game viewing.

    Day 8 : Fazenda Barra Mansa – Campo Grande.
    Departure after early breakfast with 4×4 vehicles back to the city of Campo Grande (or optional with Cessna flight) and drop of at the airport of Campo Grande of hotel in the city. End of an unforgettable wilderness journey.


    • 5 nights based on double / triple / quadruple rooms.
    • 2 nights in hammocks in a luxury camp (with shower, toilet and kitchen.)
    • Backup vehicle (Fazenda Baia das Pedras to the spring camp and Barra Mansa.)
    • All complete meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
    • All alcoholic beverages (caipirinha, beer, wine, cachaça, etc.) and all soft drinks.
    • Refreshments during the tour.
    • Tours and recreational activities in the programming of each Fazenda. (Fishing, boat trips, etc)
    •Accident insurance.
    • Multilingual guide.

    • Transfer by 4×4 vehicle from Campo Grande to Baia das Pedras and return from Barra Mansa to Campo Grande. All-terrain vehicles will carry 03 people per car, that way you will travel comfortably to and from the Pantanal. The cost of this private all-terrain transfer in both directions is USD 450 per person.
    • Other services not mentioned above
    •Personal expenses.
    • Tips: (optional)
    • Tax on reservation: USD 33.00 per person per payment.



    JUNE 23rd – 30th
    JULY 21st – 28th



    PRICE (Minimum 6 pax)
    CLP$ 2.590.250 
    USD$ 3.985



    • Rider level: Suitable for intermediate to experienced riders. You must have confidence in your horse and in all the steps. The pace is varied, including the pace, trot and gallop.
    • Group size: Minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 10 participants.
    • Weight: Rider weight limit: 100 Kg
    • Horses: Pantaneiro (similar to Creole Crilollo), a beautiful and fast horse, easy to ride. Average height: 1.60 m.
    • Saddles: Brazilian / Australian style chairs.
    • International passport: required for most foreigners (EUR, USA, CAN.)
    • Visa: most European and South American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. Contact the Brazilian Embassy in your country for more information. All citizens of North America (USA – CAN – MEX) require a visa to travel to Brazil.
    • Vaccinations: not required (consult your doctor).

    •Valid passport.
    •Travel insurance
    • Pocket money (you can change it upon arrival at the airport)
    • A sweater and a jacket.
    • 4 to 5 shirts or shirts. The long-sleeved shirt is better. (Make sure you wear at least 2 shirts with long sleeves!)
    • Riding pants or jeans. (Wrangler are the best jeans to ride = stitching on the outside)
    • Boots / riding shoes, with mini-plates or long plates. (Your boots / riding shoes / may be wet every day)
    • Cotton socks
    • A second pair of shoes for the night.
    • Swimsuit Comfortable clothes.
    •A towel
    • Personal hygiene items.
    • Anti-mosquito spray / lotion
    • Camera (binoculars). Bringing your luggage in a travel bag or backpack is more convenient and practical than bringing it in a rigid cover suitcase. It will also be easier to organize and load these bags or backpacks in 4×4 vehicles than suitcases. Baggage: • Transfer in 4×4 vehicle: from 20 to 25Kg p.p. • Transfer in Cessna Aircraft: 15 kg p.p.