COLOMBIA: The Coffe trail.


    8 days – 7 nights – 6 days of riding.

    … Through coffee plantations, living the arriera culture and resting on the haciendas …

    One of the oldest and most proud cultures of Colombia is the culture of the Arriero. El Arriero is the cowboy and merchant in the coffee zone, hardworking man and passionate about horses. The development of the interior of the country was produced thanks to the adventurous and hardworking spirit of these brave men, who used groups of horses and mules to colonize the most hidden corners of the complex Colombian topography. In this experience you will visit the agricultural areas of coffee production, the so-called coffee plantations and you will have the opportunity to taste in situ the tasty Colombian coffee.


    DAY 1 Armenia – Hacienda La Pilarica
    In the morning, 9 am, we will meet at the Hotel Mocawa, there will be a brief meeting to meet the group of the cavalcade of the next days. Visit of saddlery, coffee process in Recua, show of Creole horses, Hacienda Buena Vista and Cena.

    DAY 2 Hacienda El Balcón – Córdoba (28 km)
    After the delivery of horses and equipment, we will start the route along the coffee route, which will accompany us every moment with its beauty. In the afternoon, after lunch in the village of Pijao, we will ride along ancestral horseshoe roads until we arrive at Córdoba, the quintessential coffee town, where we can experience first-hand the productive process of coffee from cultivation to tasting.

    DAY 3 Córdoba; radial travel. (20 km)
    For this day the scenario is horseback riding among coffee plantations. Roads and paths surrounded by coffee plantations that tell stories at every step. We will visit the best viewpoint of all the Quindío and we will sleep again in the hotel Soñarte de Córdoba.

    DAY 4
    Córdoba – Hacienda Hotel La Joya.
    (25 km)
    Renovated for the comfort offered by the Soñarte hotel, we are prepared to continue our horseback riding experience in the coffee area. For this day the cavalcade will have a special ingredient, during the tour the participants will change landscapes and we will follow the route through the best coffee plantations reaching one of the most typical and traditional farms of Quindío.
    Colombia | Coffee plantations, culture arriera.

    DAY 5 Hacienda Hotel La Joya – Hacienda La Paloma. (28 km)
    This day of horseback riding we will have the opportunity to drastically change the landscape when we arrive at the penil hill and descend through the tropical forest until we reach the Hacienda La Paloma in the town of Calarcá. During lunch we will have a picnic in the middle of the coffee plantations beside the clear river.

    DAY 6 Hacienda La Paloma – Salento. (30 km)
    The arrival to Salento is one of the most impressive of this ride because this town between mountains is considered as the father of the Quindío region for being the oldest of the department. Magical town that will delight us in each of its corners and colors accompanied by cuisine and an unparalleled atmosphere.

    DAY 7 Valle del Cócora.
    This day we will have the great opportunity to visit, on horseback, the national tree of Colombia La Palma de Cera, in the imposing Valle del Cócora, considered one of the most important destinations in the country and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco .

    DAY 8 Salento – Armenia
    After breakfast we will return to Armenia where our adventure ends on the coffee route.


    • Accommodation: Nights in authentic and comfortable inns, hotels. * Multiple accommodation.
    • Food: From the lunch of the first day to the breakfast of the eighth day. (Breakfast lunch dinner)
    • Guides: All tours are personally accompanied by the trip leader. In addition, you will be accompanied by a local team.
    • Support vehicle.
    • Horses, saddles, saddlebags and waterproof ponchos.
    • Transfer, Armenia – El Balcón // Salento – Armenia.
    • Water, in thermos or bottle during the route.

    • Insurance: We ask for travel insurance. You will not be allowed to participate in the program without personal travel insurance.
    •Airplane tickets.
    •Alcoholic drinks.*
    • Hotels of Armenia.
    • Activities not mentioned in the program.
    •Personal expenses.
    • Tips: (optional)
    • Tax on the reservation: USD 33.00 per person per payment.
    * Throughout the route there will be an open Bar service, which can be purchased on the first day and will be active during special moments during the route. The price of this service is an additional 110 dollars.



    AUGUST 12th – 19th
    AUGUST 22nd – 29th
    SEPTEMBER 01st – 08th

    PRICE (Minimmum 10)
    CLP$ 1.449.500
    USD$ 2.230


    • Rider level: Suitable for all types of riders. The pace is varied, including the step (80%) and gallop (20%).
    • Group size: Minimum of 10 participants and maximum of 25 participants.
    • Weight: Rider weight limit: 100 Kg
    • Horses: Crosses of work muleteer and livestock. They are very strong animals, docile and of good rein, otherwise very safe and attentive to the orders of the rider.
    • Saddles: Tereques, special for cruises.
    • International passport: Required for most foreigners (EUR, US, CAN.)
    • Visa: most European and South American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Colombia. Contact the Colombian Embassy in your country for more information. All citizens of North America (USA – CAN – MEX) require a visa to travel to Colombia.
    • Vaccinations: not required (consult your doctor).
    • Climate: The climate in this region of the country is always very good. Temperatures between 18 to 25 degrees and at night from 14 to 16 degrees. There is always the possibility of some rain, for that you have ponchos in the saddles.


    •Valid passport.
    •Travel insurance
    • Pocket money (you can change it upon arrival at the airport)
    • A sweater and a jacket.
    • 4 to 5 shirts or shirts. The long-sleeved shirt is a good choice. (Make sure you wear at least 2 shirts with long sleeves!)
    • Riding pants or jeans. (Wrangler are the best jeans to ride = stitching on the outside)
    • Boots / riding shoes, with mini-plates or long plates. Cotton socks
    • A second pair of shoes for the night.
    •A towel.
    • Personal hygiene items.
    • Anti-mosquito spray / lotion
    • Camera (binoculars).
    *Bringing your luggage in a travel bag or backpack is more convenient and practical than bringing it in a rigid cover suitcase. It will also be easier to organize and load these bags or backpacks in 4×4 vehicles than suitcases.