Northern Chile


  • Descripción

    A trip where time has stood still between the desert and plateau in northern Chile. The sound of the horses galloping in a wild landscape, walking paths and the ancient Inca trail that was later used by Spanish conquistadors. But above all, a course outside the traditional paths, allowing a unique approach to the people who inhabit the small typical villages that cross our path.

    …a journey of 9 days, which runs through the territory of indigenous peoples from
    Chiu Chiu to San Pedro de Atacama…



  • Itinerario

    Day 1:  Calama’s Airport – Chiu Chiu.

    Day 2: Chiu Chiu – Puente del Diablo.

    Day 3: Puente del Diablo – Turi.

    Day 4: Turi – Caspana.

    Day 5: Caspana – Tucarpo.

    Day 6: Tucarpo– Rio Grande.

    Day 7: Rio grande – Catarpe.

    Day 8: Catarpe – San Pedro de Atacama.

    Day 9: Transfer out hotel – Airport.


  • Services


    2 nights hotel per person (Double base, values Hosteria San Pedro de Atacama € 50 per person).

    2 Transfer (Airport CJC to  Chiu Chiu / San Pedro to Airport CJC)

    Meals during the tour (Breakfast, snack / lunch, dinner).
    *From dinner (Day 1) to breakfast (Day 9)

    Individual or two people tents.

    Meals outside the days ride.
    Museum entry or parks to be visited.
    Domestic flights.
    Tips (Optional)

  • Información


    OCTOBER 23rd – 31st
    NOVEMBER 7th – 15th


    MARCH 19th – 27th
    APRIL 3rd – 11th
    SEPTEMBER 3rd – 11th
    OCTOBER 1st – 9th
    NOVEMBER 5th – 13th

    PRICE (Minimum 6 pax)
    CLP$ 2.414.126
    USD$ 3.715


    • Groups composed of 6 to 14 riders at most
    • This ride is an adventure that seeks to travel great, but obviously is adaptability.
    • Guest bedrooms mixed Inns / Hotel and camp.
    • Meals: two types, around the fire and picnic.
    • Ride varied terrain, slopes, sometimes wildly, but safely and with confidence through the experience of horses and the convenience of the Chilean saddle.
    • Equipment suggested: riding gloves, suitable riding shoes, hat, coat or poncho.
    • Equestrian level, including three speeds (walk, trot, canter).The key is step up and be quick canter if condition allows. It is preferable to have a good physical condition, to cope without excessive fatigue of 7 days riding.