Our mission is to captivate the restless and adventurous spirit of our visitors during the trip through diverse geographical scenarios in Chile, emphasizing quality.


Being a leading company that provides a service of excellent quality, safe and reliable, worried about taking good care of their clients, be identified and recognized as a company that offers horseback riding interesting and attractive destinations.


Marcos Liberona

Tourism entrepreneur, mountain guide, teacher and guide rides, pioneer in nature tourism and horseback riding routes in Chile, such as “The Crossing of the Andes”. It has endeavored to teach and promote arriera culture in universities, tourism schools in foreign and domestic tourism. It is one of the drivers of Andesridingchile.

José Tomás Liberona

Technical Area Manager, bilingual guide. Ecotourism Manager from UNAB – Chile, specializing in horseback riding, trekking and rock climbing.

Carlos Aguilera

Porteando experienced team and serving with their animals on Mount Aconcagua. With our dear gaucho Mendoza with his team, they have made possible the Crossing the Andes” with maximum security and professionalism that have characterized this issue for over 10 years.

Oscar Montenegro

Local muleteer (Los Patos, San Felipe, the Fifth region) of a big sociability, “Nolo” dedicates a passion to his animals. He is a knowledgeable of the program “Across the Andes “. Of joyful nature, it is not rare to hear him humming cheerfully in back of its animals. It is an essential pillar of our adventures through the mountain range of the Fifth Region.