A trip where time has stood still between the desert and plateau in northern Chile. The sound of the horses galloping in a wild landscape, walking paths and the ancient Inca trail that was later used by Spanish conquistadors. But above all, a course outside the traditional paths, allowing a unique approach to the people who inhabit the small typical villages that cross our path.

    …a journey of 9 days, which runs through the territory of indigenous communities from
    Chiu Chiu to San Pedro de Atacama…





    Day 1:  Calama’s Airport – Chiu Chiu.

    Transfer from airport to Chiu Chiu.
    Overnight in Chiu Chiu’s cozzy guest house.

    Day 2: Chiu Chiu – Puente del Diablo. (6 hrs riding)

    After breakfast we visit the oldest church of Chile, the church of San Lucas of Chiu Chiu, build in 1600. We leave the village behind us and head towards the lake Laguna Inka Coya. From there we follow the riverbed of Rio Salado,  climbing all the will till Puente del Diablo (devils bridge), a natural bridge over the narrowest point of the canyon of
    the river Salado. It is here in the plains next to the river bed that we will set up our camp.

    Day 3: Puente del Diablo – Turi. (7 hrs riding)

    We ride along the river Rio Salado and follow part of the pilgrim route of the Virgin Aiquina. The mighty volcanoes San Pedro, San Pablo and Paniri are watching us from nearby. We continue along the canyon where we probably come across herds of lamas and goats until we reach the vast plains of Turi (3,100mts). We arrive at the foot of pucará Turi where we set up camp.

    Day 4: Turi – Caspana. (6 hrs riding)

    An early bath in the natural mineral baths of Turi who offer a comfortable swim. We ride and visit the Pucara of Turi, the largest fortress built by the Atacameño people. We continue our expediton to Caspana and visit this typical village. This village is surrounded by a fertile valley where we see its many terraced crops and fruit trees. The village
    has only 400 inhabitants and the houses are built in liparita clay (400 inhabitants), we can visit the Church built in 1641 which is declared a national monument. Overnight in camp.

    Day 5: Caspana – Tucarpo. (9 hrs riding)

    We leave the village of Caspana and climb the dizzying rocky landscape following an Inca trail until we reach a
    high plateau. We continue our ride in a southeasterly direction passing at the foot of the mountains of Cablor. After
    four hours of riding we arrive at the Chita mountain. We follow our path to the top of the plateau where we ride for about four more hours with a breathtaking view of all the peaks and volcanoes surrounding us. At the end of our day we descend a long slope that leads us to the bottom of a huge and very rugged canyon with small salt flats. We visit one of the few locals who live in a natural cave and continue to ride in the canyon till we reach Turcapo. We set up camp in a corral of local villagers.

    Day 6: Tucarpo– Rio Grande. (8 hrs riding)

    We begin riding between the orchards of the local inhabitants, then ride up a beautiful slope reaching a plateau full of wild donkeys. We continue through dramatic landscapes and come to a ravine where we find large pools which is the ideal stop place for a refreshing bath. We cross this plateau through the Inca Trail and descend towards the Rio Grande where we will appreciate an oasis in the valley. It is here that camp is set.

    Day 7: Rio grande – Catarpe. (7 hrs riding)

    We leave Rio Grande climbing up the hill with our horses till we reach the pampa. From here we follow the Inca Trail again and descend for a long time through small hills but with big views of the snow covered volcanoes and mountains. In the distance spotting the spars vegetation of San Pedro de Atacama. We continue the ride through
    San Bartolo to reach the place where the rivers Rio Salado and Rio Grande meet. Descending the ride we reach our camp place on the grounds of Catarpe.

    Day 8: Catarpe – San Pedro de Atacama. (7hrs riding)

    We follow the Rio Grande river till we reach the Valley of Death (Valle de la Muerte). Here we follow the path till Valle de la Luna. Sand dunes and fantastic surroundings is the ideal décor for our last gallop in the Atacama desert. Overnight in San Pedro Atacama.

    Day 9: Transfer out hotel – Airport.

    After breakfast your transfer will be waiting to take you back to the airport.
    End of our services.




    ACCOMODATION (Based on double- rooms/tents.).
    First, fourth and last night in comfortable rooms in cozy Guesthouses/Lodge.
    All other nights we camp in the desert. You will be sleeping in 4 seasons Iglo tents with space for 2 persons in each tent. Beside this there is 1 big kitchen/social tent.

    3 nights per person in lodge; Night 1; Cozy guest house – Night 4; Cozy guest house – Night 8; Lodge.
    5 nights in tent camp ( Day 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7)

    2 Transfer (Day 1: Airport CJC to  Chiu Chiu / Day 9: San Pedro to Airport CJC)

    MEALS (We have a big dome tent for 15 people; The dinning and social room)
    Full board; Meals during the tour are Breakfast, boxlunch, cocktail and dinner.
    *From dinner (Day 1) to breakfast (Day 9)

    Marcos or José Tomás Liberona and Chilean Huasos (Cowboys). The guides are equipped with cell phones so they can call for assistance if needed. José Tomás is certified as a Wildernes First Responder.

    Cheff and logistic staff.

    Brings your personal luggage to the daily overnight camp place.

    Horses & tacks.
    Individual or two people tents.
    First Aid Kit.

    Meals outside the ride days.
    Museum entry or parks to be visited.
    Domestic flights.
    Tips (Optional)




    SEPTEMBER 3rd – 11th
    OCTOBER 7th – 15th
    NOVEMBER 5th – 13th


    $4.510 USD


    • Groups composed of 6 to 12 riders at most
    • This ride is an adventure that seeks to travel great but is adaptability.
    • Guest bedrooms mixed Inns / Hotel and camp.
    • Meals: two types, around the fire and picnic.
    • Ride varied terrain, slopes, sometimes wildly, but safely and with confidence through the experience of horses and the convenience of the Chilean saddle.
    • Equipment suggested: riding gloves, suitable riding shoes, hat, coat or poncho.
    • Equestrian level, including three speeds (walk, trot, canter).The key is step up and be quick canter if condition allows. It is preferable to have a good physical condition, to cope without excessive fatigue of 7 days riding.



    SEPTEMBER 3rd – 11th
    OCTOBER 7th – 15th
    NOVEMBER 5th – 13th


    $4.510 USD